Threads and Circles

to be a thread held
on the wings of birds soaring
through vast light-filled air

layers merge
separate become
something else

stilness waits
to expand beyond
what is here

particles of light
that remain uncaught—a song
you can almost hear

tethered to itself
or maybe nothing at all–
just an idea

The last Kick-About prompt was Naum Gabo’s sculpture, linear construction #2, above. It brought to mind some small shibori swatches I had that I wanted to embroider on. I meant to do a few of them, but only had time for one. But the others are waiting.

NaPoWriMo begins tomorrow, and I also wanted to post the 5 Japanese-style poems I wrote to accompany my stitching in anticipation of a month of poeming–I have not been writing many new things lately.

The first year I participated was 2016, so this will be my seventh year. As in recent past years, I’ve tried to accumulate a month’s worth of new art to use with the writing. This year, a lot of my inspiration has come from the art of Redon.

21 thoughts on “Threads and Circles

  1. Wonderful and evocative words and fibers. I was especially struck by the lines “particles of light / that remain uncaught”. I’m excited to see what you share this month; I also love Redon!


  2. Beautiful embroidery and lovely poems, Kerfe. I too started participating in NaPoWriMo in 2016. I missed last year, this year I hope to complete. Looking forward to reading your posts.


  3. These are beautiful, Kerfe–words and art.
    Redon-inspired art sounds amazing.
    I signed up for NaPoWriMo, but I probably won’t post those poems because I’m doing another ekphrastic challenge with Paul Brookes.

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  4. When I first looked at the art it reminded me of a leaf. As I read the words it took on the aerial dimension. Then my mind took it to a new synthesis of both. I love the pastel threads on the fabric. So pretty!

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