shadowed, murmured by songs
that imitate the deep
voices owned by seasons–
transitioning, replete

lingering into dawn
as passages repeat
and echoing, are drawn
into themselves, complete

between inside upon–
all spaces merge and meet,
all measurements are wrong–
amorphous, bittersweet

A quadrille with the word season for dVerse in the Bob and Wheel form for Muri’s April Scavenger Hunt and NaPoWriMo Day 4.

37 thoughts on “dormant

  1. Such vibrant colors! A living foundation for the rest. I very much like the 3D quality to the image. What looks like an eye also looks like an amoeba to me, which serves as the manifestation of the amalgamation in the 3rd stanza. I enjoy your mystical synthesis.

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  2. The first stanza is my favorite; excellent use of 44 words–you made it feel longer. In a way, seasons are refrains, like an infinite chorus.

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  3. “All spaces merge and meet”
    An interesting line resonating both in your poem and your image.

    Thanks for dropping by my blog Kerfe


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  4. Very dreamlike, and the form seems to give it that complete yet revolving sort of feeling one gets from a mandala. It’s deceptively smooth–if you read too fast, you miss how sharp it actually is.

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