Blue Sails

A nonet from the Oracle for NaPoWriMo and Muri’s April Scavenger Hunt.

I want to be drunk with moon music
sing a thousand ships through shadows
still the mad wind that cries death
live inside the language
of the skylit sea–
time whispers spring
above my

18 thoughts on “Blue Sails

  1. I really love this. So often nonets seems forced, but this flows so naturally. I love the art, too.
    I just finished reading a novel about Helen and Klytemnestra called Daughters of Sparta. The thousand ships and mad winds made me think of the Trojan War.

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    1. Those wars just keep coming. But that particular one is filled with stories. I figured I would try a nonet and abandon it if it didn’t work, but the Oracle was accommodating.

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  2. Moon drunk! I love the idea of moon music and the alliteration made this one silky on the tongue as it slips through my thoughts! I’m so excited that you have joined the scavenger hunt this time around!! Thanks!

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