I’m not sure it ever existed,
and yet
I remember it well–

romanticized in living color,
Mon Amour
where is that film now?

It disappeared while we
were somewhere
over the rainbow.

We thought we could stop time,
inhabit that first
shining moment again and forever

as we continued to rehearse
a montage
of cinematic chaos–

myth disguised as memory,
turned into proofs.

Behind the glass, nostalgia.
Is that me?
Is that you?  We dreamed

ourselves onto a tiny screen
a storied past–fools exposed

by darkness–captured,
in artificial light.

A sort of a love poem for NaPoWriMo Day 10 and Muri’s prompt of blindness.

17 thoughts on “Circumstantial

      1. We deceive ourselves as a matter of course these days, deny every established scientific fact, photographic evidence, believe distortions, celebrity clap-trap etc etc. We seem to have lost all common sense.

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