“A Tunnel” by Vika Muse

Is this the inside of my dream?  These days I am cautious of everything—afraid of the future, the past, afraid even of my fear.  But this is not the grey noir darkness of the usual tunnels my night journeys follow.  There are no trains to miss, no staircases to nowhere.  This passageway is alive, a cocoon of possibility opening into an illuminated aperture.

And do I see rabbits?  I was born in the Year of the Rabbit.  What will we find if we enter into that light?

happy end
ings tucked away just
in case—I
whistle on the wind–
birds echo the song

Mish at dVerse has introduced us to the art of Vika Muse:

“I wish I could have manta rays in the sky… instead of Russian bombs and military airplanes. I’ve noticed that my disturbing paintings didn’t make me happier. They cause even deeper depression. So I’ve tried to draw my future. It is bright and sunny. There are no bombs and war… Only beautiful landscapes and dreamlike sky. I hope I’ll meet such a future someday…
P.S. Be empathetic with your relatives and value your lifestyle. It’s big happiness to have mundane life and safety and independence. So simple and so valuable.”

You can find her on Instagram @get.muse She is also featured on this website http://www.inprnt.com

A tankaprose for Colleen’s #TankaTuesday prompt and for the NaPoWriMo prompt to write about the possibility of good things.

50 thoughts on “Spiraling

  1. Beautifully hopeful. This tunnel was one of my favorites as well though I chose a different painting to write about. So glad Mish introduced us to Vika’s beautifully hopeful artwork. You’ve captured that well in your tankaprose.

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  2. This is so beautiful–I love those final lines that flow from the prose into the tanka. I didn’t even realize it was a tanka prose poem–it just seemed like a Kerfe poem to me. 😊 The words reflect you and the art.

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  3. A unique capture, a positive vibe, cuz’ from galaxies to cells, the spiral thrives. Nothing is just linear, not evolution, not the Bohr atom.

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