Beyond All Knowing

They wished to be passengers on a river of stars,
but the road they followed fell below the horizon,

a road that insisted on following darker paths.
Suddenly they found themselves accompanied by wolves.

The wolves ran through an expanding tunnel–
its walls were spattered with the past,

a past too scattered to contain or understand.
No door appeared within, no window,

no exit from the accumulations of bad intent,
the gods and humans that demanded obedience.

The wolves made no demands, but extended an invitation
to join them as they became transparent—

to join them in sheering the mind’s self-imposed limits.
They wished to be passengers on a river of stars.

A duplex sonnet for NaPoWriMo Day 27.

25 thoughts on “Beyond All Knowing

  1. Ah, a river of stars! I see what you mean, Kerfe! Some might consider the wolves to be dark, but I see them as free spirits. I love the idea of the walls of the expanding tunnel ‘spattered with the past’.

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  2. I love the invitation to sheer our limits… And the flux of birds and wolves and stars (that Cygnus seems to be carrying me with it). I still think of the last Wolf Moon as the last time I felt really whole, but I feel the wheel gathering a more positive momentum…

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