without saying a word
the wind took me
to ask when and where
discovered the how and why
of zero

chaos is always
just around the corner
because you know
pattern turns matter
into codes

A couple interpretations of concrete poetry for NaPoWriMo Day 28.

22 thoughts on “42B/C

      1. You balance the two, so it’s impossible to say which came first, words or image. Not at all the same as the question mark/hour glass/something dropping off a cliff-type poems. I never even try to read those. Too much like hard work.

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        1. I agree. Luckily no one ever assigned me one in school, contrary to the prompt saying it was common. My daughters’ elementary school made a big deal of poetry month, too, and published an anthology of the children’s work at the end of the month, but there was never one “concrete” poem written or assigned there either. There are many good ways to combine art and poetry, but this is not one of them.


          1. I always think of eating popcorn while watching a film. It’s true when you think about it, you can’t enjoy both (for those who actually enjoy eating the evil stuff) film and food. The brain focuses on one and ignores the other.

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