I choose a place that is unfrequented by men

The moon has risen on the last remnants of night–
floating she brushes the heavenly stars.
The lake has widened till it almost joins the sky
and the mist rising from the water has hidden the hills.
Far off the Dipper lowers toward the river.
You’d think you’d left the earth–
body and spirit for a while have changed place
and open, open–
the world’s affairs, just waves.

A cento poem for NaPoWriMo Day 30. Thanks to Maureen Thorson for once again hosting this wonderful month of verse.

poets in order of appearance
Po Chü-i (title)
Po Chü-i
Li Po
Po Chü-i
Ou Yang Hsiu
Tu Fu
Ch’in Kuan
Po Chü-i
Li-Young Lee
Li Po

20 thoughts on “I choose a place that is unfrequented by men

    1. Thanks Jade. I end up with accidental paintings underneath when I’m painting on rice paper–this is one of them. It’s kind of like a monoprint, a somewhat controlled surprise.


  1. This is wonderful, Kerfe. I’ve only tried a CENTO once, and it felt forced to me – but I think you were very right in selecting Eastern poets who were writing about nature… Maybe I’ll have another go at this myself!


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    1. I like centos but they are difficult to get right. I think finding compatible poets helps. It’s like a puzzle–you have to find the pieces that fit. I enjoy that aspect of it, even when it doesn’t work.

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