My message from the Oracle. The almost-full moon woke me again last night. And at dawn–robin, blue jay, mockingbird, cardinal, mourning dove, crow–they are still here.

birds grow quiet
the spirit wanders
between why
and the ancient moon
that wakes me
shining through this season
of night

I ask dawn for song
as dark becomes light

Another one of my Redon-inspired collages, and some birdlings from the archives.

22 thoughts on “rising

  1. This collage has an ancient feel and look to it. In my dream class a month or so ago I took the “snake section” collage to class and was surprised at how many positive myths there are about snakes. I see the figure here as a snake charmer… In your comment, I sense relief that the birds are still here. I think it’s time I visit the Oracle.

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    1. I never saw snakes as negative. You need to respect them though. Redon often tapped into mythology in his work–it feels timeless.
      You should write a post about your dream class–I’m interested to hear about it.
      And yes, the Oracle is always there when you need Her.

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      1. I’ve never looked at snakes as negative, but in the context of my dream it felt like it was. I try to mention the dream class here and there, but I’m not ready to do a whole post on it yet.

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