spinning winding then weaving
spiraling into endless
connections which appear
to be hanging nowhere
suspended without edge
ending always at inception
never does the fiber fray
the beginning continues

follow where it leads
through the unknown
miles of endless webs
a glittering reflection
illuminating the darkness
of ancient intricacies

dispersed without direction
resonating chords
of the cosmos naked
glory of formless flow
undefined by outlines
unshadowed unbroken
blurring the boundaries
between us and we

For earthweal, where Sherry asks us to Contemplate the web of life and see where it takes you.

22 thoughts on “reticulation

  1. At first a see a living soup, but the longer I look, the more the shapes and patterns begin to emerge. I like the feel of the words, their processes that bring being into being…

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  2. First, your artistic rendering of the web of life is BEAUTIFUL. You are such a talented artist, and poet. I love “The beginning continues. Follow where it leads.” Your words interconnect so wonderfully, like the web of life itself.

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  3. It’s very compelling the way you manage to make your collages and your lines reciprocal, reflecting and enhancing each other. Life in its encompassing complexity is an intricate weave, perhaps one always beyond us, and the “.. naked/glory of formless flow..’ dazzles our primate brains, yet still we can try to see. Enjoyed this very much.

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  4. Fascinating here the insight of creation as eternal beginnings, a sum of possibilities staring again and again. Where the agricultural human sees creation as potential for maturity, so that the ripening is all. Something requiring weeding, pruning, fences, culture: finite margins for infinite variety.

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