letting go

why wait for now to pass?
always living in to be
tomorrow is not where we are, ever

each minute, hour, a chance
encounter we can’t foresee
full of spans impossible to measure

where am I?  here and now
and no place else—out or in,
over or under, it doesn’t matter

each fragment itself whole–
each moment contained within
the present completeness of forever

I haven’t written a kerf poem in awhile. The W3 prompt this week, a response to Burden of Time by A. J. Wilson, also has the restrictions of 12 lines or less, and the use of the word fragment. The kerf, a 12-line poem, was just right. You can read A. J. Wilson’s poem here.

Illustrations are two variations on the seed of life motif.

46 thoughts on “letting go

  1. Time is a complex thing and also simple. You have distilled it to its barest form and eloquently too. The art work is wonderful as usual! I’m thinking I might need to try some geometric collages.

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    1. Thanks Muri. The art was done awhile ago, but I’ve been thinking of doing mote geometric collages too. I have a series I’m working on that I need to finish up first though. I’m trying to focus more and not flit from thing to thing.


  2. Hi K, I hope you don’t mind but I have chosen you as the next POW and your beautiful poem above as the prompt for next week’s W3 I loved the composition and the intricate form, thank you 🙂

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  3. This is all lovely. I feel like I’m traveling those stitches, like a labyrinth among nebulae. Your poem also puts me in mind of the mantra I say before my first sip of tea (based on something I learned that the monks say at Plum Village monastery) “I hold in my two hands this cup of tea. I am present in the very here and now.”

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