My nights are troubled. What must it be like for the families in Uvalde? Although our politicians don’t seem to be losing any sleep.

rain shows up sad
like the ache beneath the shadow
of my black moon dreams

sleep runs away

who are you I ask
as tongues fiddle
in a language that worships death

the day begins
with bloodshot eyes

26 thoughts on “aftermath

    1. I feel so helpless. I can’t stop thinking about the police who not only wouldn’t go in themselves because they “didn’t want to get shot”, but tasered and handcuffed parents wanting to go in and save the children. Luckily, once again, they were filmed and had to backtrack their lies about what happened.


  1. HI Kerfe, I am sorry you are feeling so bad after this horrible week. There are bad people in society and the people who elect to represent us don’t always do a good job, but there are also lots of really good people out there like you and me. We do our best to be kind and show love to the world and it does make a difference.

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    1. You are right that it’s not the majority supporting this madness. But unfortunately, the way our political system is set up, the minority can be and stay in charge. There are more guns than people in the United States and none of us is safe.

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  2. You know, we as a people, don’t have to wait for politicians to lead the way. Each individual in the land could turn their weapons in on one identified day and we would be so much better off. Yes, some morons would hide them, but still…

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    1. The people I know who own guns would never voluntarily surrender them. Even if by a miracle a law were passed requiring it many would hide them. In my experience there is no way to even discuss the issue with them.

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  3. I feel your pain, all this senseless killing in schools, war, dv, etc are so pointless … when will it ever end! the blood spill art is fitting … hope you get some sleep soon

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  4. sleep was already foreign. now, waking with headaches and sorrow that isn’t even my own, when I have a surfeit of that already. strange days, these are. strange days ~

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