Before me the world is clarified
by a luminosity that consolidates
all presence into chords of stillness.  What
song would this landscape sing?

Just a little green–
color disappears into the air, glimmers in
still lines across the meadow.

Like the color when the spring is born
the quiet is dizzying, embracing.  All is solitary,
complete.  Waiting.  For what?

The nights when the Northern lights perform
the hour is transfixed inside a secret whisper of
pulsing breath.  An alternate world,
muted, mysterious, not quite real.

And sometimes there’ll be sorrow—shrouded
in uncertainty, time has lost its focus.  The land is
primordial, inscribed with a narrative
that has no translation into any language
we are capable of understanding.

Just a little green—a vessel
immersed in air, from the bottom up

exchanging wonder
there will be

italicized lines are from Joni Mitchell’s song Little Green

Carl Zimmermann, Deer in a Summer Meadow

Merril supplied five paintings as ekphrastic summer inspiration at dVerse this week. I chose Carl Zimmerman’s painting, above. Since I’m late, I’m posting on OLN, hosted by Bjorn.

Also linking to earthweal, where Sherry supplied the prompt of dreaming in green. A good color to dream in.

44 thoughts on “Being

  1. Incredible concept. Love me some Joni. I liked the positive vibes as “spring is born”. Maybe we all could write to a prompt like this. Joni or Leonard Cohen?

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    1. Thanks Muri. The collage is very old–I’ve used it several times for blog posts, and I can’t remember where it originated. The painting was done for one of Sue Vincent’s photo prompts–I did lots of good paintings for them–she had a way with landscape photos. I miss her kind spirit as well as her prompts.


  2. I love how you braided your poem with lines from Little Green. That makes me happy. I love the “earthwalkers exchanging wonder”. So beautiful. A wonderful poem, and glorious art and photos. A feast!

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  3. Your Zen garden photo became a prompt for my most recent drawing. Now reading of “a luminosity that consolidates/all presence into chords of stillness” I know what effects to watch for.

    Beautiful poem.

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  4. “The nights when the Northern lights perform—
    the hour is transfixed inside a secret whisper of
    pulsing breath. An alternate world,
    muted, mysterious, not quite real.”

    i liked that stanza best, beautiful poem.

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  5. A beautiful nourishing read. I love these lines particularly, you made such good sense of that sensation, when quiet is dizzying. On the verge of something, when all is silent but something’s cooking and you can feel it.

    “Like the color when the spring is born—
    the quiet is dizzying, embracing. All is solitary,
    complete. Waiting. For what?”


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  6. Everything here is luminous but that haiku is just perfect. A way of seeing us that I wish everyone shared.


  7. This is absolutely stunning! I especially admire; “Like the color when the spring is born—the quiet is dizzying, embracing.” Yes! ❤️❤️

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  8. Reading this I could feel a green life around me, a oneness with the twists of all that make summer real; the beauty, the sorrow, the enigma. Your art as always adds a delicate visual underlining and your words say just enough.

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