before the sun

The Oracle clearly wakes before dawn with my local robin, who continues singing all day, and only takes a short break after sunset before beginning again around 4 am.

here is earth
to wander through my nightforest
to walk with me listening

the air is a garden
of always
of moons shining wild
above rosewater

as if rest were rooted
deep inbetween spirit and treewind
singing with the almost dawn

21 thoughts on “before the sun

  1. ‘The air is a garden of always’
    How lovely! The moon, roses and birds singing, and such peace in this poem.
    I had two this morning, both with the same images and a sense of melancholy. Yours takes the essence of the feeling and reveals the calm at the centre.

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          1. There must be a lesson to be learned here, how he came to have so many voters. It can’t all be ignorance, though when you hear him speak, he didn’t win them over because of his intellectual arguments.

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              1. It was always what set them apart from Europeans who despised ‘commerce’ and ‘trade’ and worshiped inherited wealth. Snobbery. Intellectual is still a compliment in most of Europe, though in UK it’s more of an insult.


                  1. That attitude ‘it’s mine, I earned it/bought it, I’ll do what I like with it, is gaining traction everywhere, but there’s still a healthy hatred of very rich people, and the wealthy right down to the comfortably off keep very quiet about how much they’re worth.


  2. That same line stood out to me. There is a sense of peace here, as Jane says.
    And I also have robins singing from 4 AM and all day. It’s so beautiful. There’s also a sparrow who announces nightfall.

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  3. Love it! The collage with the hand grasping flowers is exactly the feel of this poem to me. And I have the same robin! He likes to perch on the window a/c unit so that he sounds sonic in my bedroom.

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  4. no real birdsong here. dogs bark. crows caw. cars zoom. but, I did see humpbacks breach today – over a dozen efforts. the past week has been a visual feast of that behavior (central California.) but, I do miss birdsong, nonetheless ~

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    1. I wonder why that is…not even seabirds? We have plenty of seagulls even uptown away from the ocean. And no sparrows? I wouldn’t exactly say they sing, but they do chatter away.
      I must say the retreat of humans during the pandemic seemed to multiply the local birds, but even before then, in spring and summer I’ve always been awakened to birdsong no matter where in the city I’ve lived.

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