point of departure

spin and spiral
engulfed in wonder
stirred into awakening
blood quickening through

the heart caught pounding
between yearning and fear–
earthsurge pulses
in a wild rhythmic dance

of elemental music–
sensory patterns that become
a voyage of inception
whirling itself alive

Sherry at earthweal asked us to Write a poem about Earth’s wild music. And Sarah’s W3 prompt was a poem of 12 lines or less that includes a contrast of images or ideas in response to her poem “Work in Progress.”

30 thoughts on “point of departure

  1. This is wonderful. Earth’s most elemental music is wild and fierce. When I stand by a raging winter sea, in storm, I am in awe of her power.

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  2. I’m happy for your art! It’s such a gift! I cannot tell if the paintings accompany the word and the world–or, maybe the words accompany the art’s magic to get to this:
    “voyage of inception
    whirling itself alive”

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