A peaceful message from the Oracle this week. Even with some strange dreams, and the moon waking me, I’ve been sleeping well.

could I rest here
beneath the quiet dusk
let nightsong in

walk along ancient rivers
know the the intuition of trees
feel every growing thing

as earth follows
its rooted moonpath
into the birdlight of dawn

18 thoughts on “nightsong

  1. WP doesn’t let me leave likes anymore, but I wanted to.
    This is the peace of a restful night, the voyage that ends with the quiet sounds of birds singing in the morning. We had the same themes, the difference possibly coming from you sleeping well despite the moonlight, and me sleeping badly. The end is the same though, thanks to the birds.

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    1. Always the birds. The quality of sleep affects everything that comes after.

      WP won’t even let me comment on some blogs now. And it keeps putting real comments in spam. Perhaps they’ll fix it, perhaps not.


      1. Yes, sleep is a healer but lack of it is destructive.

        A couple of weeks ago WP wiped my page layout leaving just a coloured rectangle in the top left corner. I couldn’t like or leave comments either without logging in each time. The page looks normal again, but I still can’t like or leave comments without doing all that cloak and dagger stuff. Tiresome.


  2. I’m going to start saying that I wake up “at birdlight”. My younger self would find that much too early but these days I fall asleep when most of the birds do too. A good sleep makes all the difference.

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