This is what we’ve come to

Eric Greitens, a leading contender for the Republican Senate nomination in Missouri, released a new video in which he is depicted as hunting RINOs (Republicans in Name Only).

“I’m Eric Greitens, Navy SEAL, and today we’re going RINO hunting.” Greitens says as he walks down a sidewalk with a gun in hand.

The video cuts to a house where Greitens, surrounded by what looks like a tactical unit, waits by the door. “The RINO feeds on corruption and is marked by the stripes of cowardice,” says Greitens. The unit smashes the door down and throws what looks like a smoke grenade. Greitens strides through the door. “Join the MAGA crew,” he says. “Get a RINO hunting permit. There’s no bagging limit, no tagging limit and it doesn’t expire until we save our country.”—(

nutty?  I
wish it were only
the deranged
ravings of
a single unarmed man—but
it is not fiction

millions are waiting
with their guns–
by, and obedient to,
a simplistic lie

sordid words
sprayed like stray bullets,
all respect for life—the
aftermath is death

Merril was correct when she said the wordlist from Oracle II generated on Sunday by Jane demanded a political response. Reading about Eric Greitens and his campaign ad today sealed it.

The headline haiku art and erasure poem are from my response to the Kick-About prompt a few weeks ago of the art of Basquiat. I painted on a page from the NY Times that interviewed Republican Congress members about their thoughts on gun legislation and listed the amount of money they had received from the NRA. Money talks, and erases the truth.


do something.  question.
sorry—guns are the problem.
where it starts.  guns.  guns.

26 thoughts on “This is what we’ve come to

  1. Powerful!
    A video like that would be banned in any European country and its author charged with incitation to violent acts. How ever did that kind of malicious mindlessness ever get a toe hold in the US? Those are the ideas we associate with rural idiocy, inbreeding and cretinism.

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    1. It’s unbelievable to me as well. Facebook took it down, but Twitter only put a warning for disturbing content on it. This is not even close to being “free speech”.


  2. I could not believe this and yet this sort of mentality rose to the highest executive office in the country so nothing surprises me anymore. You’ve captured in that poem the feeling, a sort of sob of disbelief, that what is so obvious can continue to be denied again and again.


    1. They just keep proving their total corruption and lack of moral compass. But who are we as a people that so many are not sickened by it, that they do not demand that the people they elected speak out against it?


  3. Chilling. Love the poetry and the painting/multi-media art. This is a lawsuit waiting to happen. What will they do when someone is killed in a RINO hunt?? “Well he said we should” seems a clear case of Respondeat Superior!


    1. Their will be no lawsuits, even if someone heeds the call. Our laws should ensure that this can’t even be posted. That it was posted anyway just shows that those laws mean nothing at all anymore.


  4. it continues to be about control. about mostly white men “losing” control (hence, ‘replacement’ theory, the vitriol against ‘wokeness’, ‘antifa’, LGBQT, the repeal of RvW, and if Justice Thomas has his way, contraception – though when they get to undoing mixed marriage, what will he and his wife do?) they fear reprisal, so keep guns. they fear women, so control what women can do and say about their own bodies. they fear their own homoerotic feelings, so rail against gay people expressing themselves. they fear others realizing how f*cked they’ve been, so seek to silence those who speak out as being ‘woke’ or anti-fascist.

    sigh. my 85 year old mother said, this morning, the fight is never-ending. so it will be. i’m glad you and others keep at your art and writing, Kerfe. it’s needed. ~

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    1. Thanks M. My daughter mentioned that about Thomas last night–I wish someone would ask him about it.
      And your point about fearing homoerotic feelings is so true. Only someone afraid of and insecure about their own sexuality fears someone who challenges it.

      There is indeed no end to it. I don’t understand wanting power over others, but it seem there will always be humans that do.

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