a feather,
a rose, an apple–
small pleasures,
blessings of
continuity, gifts of
joint inheritance,

of stillness–
a hallowing that
exists if
we choose to
walk with the land—unhurried,
emptied, listening

I’ve used words from Jane’s random word list this week from the Oracle II, to answer Brendan’s call at earthweal to the wild stillness

30 thoughts on “consecration

  1. This is lovely. You picked out the elements that mean so much and the stillness that falls when our input is removed. I’m glad you got such a peaceful poem from the words (and the general gloom).

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  2. The resonance of object and emotion, creations and reactions, bring a reflective stillness full of merging shadows and colors as elusive and speaking as your artwork here. As always, your voice never has to be raised to make your points.

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