always more questions than answers

My message today from the Oracle.

beneath the still shadowskin
sleep recalls the ache of summer skies
shot through with black tongues

I cannot sing now
in the music of moontime–
nor do I dream
in the language of the shining sun

how I ask and why?

if whispers the bloodwind
inside this mad motherless storm

22 thoughts on “always more questions than answers

  1. Melancholy washed over me as I read this one… that last “if whispers the bloodwind/inside this mad motherless storm” sent a chill through me. Always I ask the questions and so rarely get a clear answer. Perhaps that’s why I like poetry, it allows for a teasing out of the heart’s desires and a clarification of the mind’s motivations….

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  2. Those last lines gave me the shivers. There’s a sense of despair in this one, as if we’re all adrift.
    We have some of the same images but the tone of our poems isn’t the same. For once, mine were (I got a second one with more of your images) optimistic.

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