I fold my
questions into cranes
and send them
flying on
the wind—what hands will catch them,
pull them down, greet them,

and complete their dreams?
wide, deep, clear,
cast to sky,
they celebrate–streams of stars
danced in waves of moon

A shadorma quadrille for Merril’s prompt of celebration at dVerse. I also used the words she generated from Oracle II. Above is the almost-full moon shining through my window last night.

40 thoughts on “animated

  1. I love this so much, Kerfe–especially the opening, those folded crane questions.
    And Jane is right. Your form poems somehow transcend the forms.
    I like that you used the words I generated to respond to my dVerse prompt. 🙂
    Beautiful art, too!

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  2. Love the poetry form and the movements you have created – flying, dancing in the waves of the moon. You make it look effortless. Thanks for joining in our celebration. Appreciate you.

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  3. Kerfe, this is excellent – I especially love how ‘greet’ and ‘complete’ play off of one another and bring the two stanzas together – like the stitches on some of your art pieces!

    much love,


  4. This has been an extraordinary moon, worth celebrating with our winged friends! I love how even the 2D elements of the first piece seem to lift off the paper, and the captured flight of your pastel cranes.

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