Night Magic

If I could see horizon’s light at first dawn,
Venus would greet me shining up the rising
sun.  But I live in darkness, almost-full moon
suffused with secrets, luminous, surprising
me–reflecting through my window, later, soon–
casting shadowed leaves that shift, mesmerizing,
absorbed in Van Morrison’s musical dance–
hazy as to borderlines, transformed, entranced.
Perhaps Diana orbits inside my dreams–
I almost catch her in the wavering beams–
and following the fragments, drift—caught between.

An eleventh power poem for the prompt offered by Grace for the dVerse 11th anniversary celebration, also in answer to this week’s W3 challenge, a response to Steven S. Wallace and his poem “Oh Luna” that contains three proper nouns.

It’s not October, but we can still dance.

28 thoughts on “Night Magic

  1. I like the eleventh power form – and this is a great W3 response! I didn’t realize it until the Van Morrison line! Love the collage too. I’m inspired again. I think I may try to put together a larger collage. My sister wants to decorate a dresser front and I offered to put together something that could be transferred to the drawers!! I love a challange!

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  2. Such a pretty sky for the ladies to dance in. I love repeating shape of the female form you used in your collage. The light from the heavens feels more powerful than usual this month and you capture its magic here, K.

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