The Oracle is pensive this morning.

flowers are another always
that open and
then must be remembered–
they need love to bloom

like life itself

the language of a child
is a song filled
with wishspiritdreaming–
voices of belonging and finding home

I’m going to be taking a few weeks off–if we can all avoid the latest Covid wave, visiting with family, and taking care of some things I need to do. I’ll be back sometime in August.

23 thoughts on “seeds

  1. This is beautiful, Kerfe. The images of the flower and children, so lovely. The Oracle gave you important things to remember. Mine and Jane’s messages were bleaker, but somehow all three poems go together.

    Enjoy your family time. 💙 That sounds wonderful!

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  2. Your poem starts with the optimism that I only got at the end of mine, and you keep it up with the innocence of the child, learning to recognise its place among the good things.
    Have a good break and stay away from the virus!

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    1. Thanks Jane. I’m doing my best. A lot of virus floating around the city right now, though people don’t seem to care any more if they get sick and kill their grandmothers. It’s, as always, all about them.


  3. Love this one! The line “voices of belonging and finding home” resonates with me. Hope your visit with family is exactly as the oracle predicts – surrounded by “voices of belonging and finding home”!! Have fun, stay well, and come back refreshed!

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  4. The Oracle’s thoughts and these colors set a softly hopeful tone. Sending wishes for a happy, restorative, and healthy time away!

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  5. I get to brave the airlines and then the crowds of your fair city next week, working. perhaps I’ll be lucky enough to see some of the doorways you’ve documented. and flowers. it’s always surprising to me to see areas with an abundance of rain, and flowers in summer. ~

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