Beach Haiku 2022

happy screams–
seafoam-washed children
collect shells

sun blue sky cloud wisps
winding north

wind rising–
storm clouds press downward,

calmer seas–
surfers try to catch
dying waves

wispy clouds–
sky vast, bird-empty–
tide going out

For dVerse OLN, hosted by Mish.

29 thoughts on “Beach Haiku 2022

    1. Thanks Merril. We had great weather–one afternoon storm, that was it. I can always relax by the ocean. This is about the extent of the art and writing I did, but I didn’t lose it to the sea this year!

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  1. These pairings are so lovely, and I especially adore the description of “seafoam-washed children”. It paints the joyous pictures of little smiles and fun in the sun.

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