the how of why

I expected something much darker from the Oracle this morning but she knows I’ve been watching the moon.

be full of this
always moon

never let dawn
fall through air unwalked

every path comes and leaves
between earthlight songs–
deep ancient nights rooted in following
the seasons of birdgrown afterdays

ask why and

Photos taken from midnight to this morning.

30 thoughts on “the how of why

  1. here as good as any to alight. me, suppose I’m easily confused. so much to drink in even one post here. reminded of standing on my balcony, here, in summer now. don’t need flowers as every different green has a scent of their own. for me, almost so much I don’t stay long but leave. my nose seems sensitized. your images, your words, I’m on the balcony again. all green, all colors. is this what its like, to be in love?

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