the past is a ghost that never forgets

The Oracle gave me the enigmatic title first and then two seemingly disparate messages. The messages reminded me of these word collages I did for the Kick About challenge which used the posters of Saul Bass as inspiration.

we long to become wild starsailors–
embraced by oceans of healing night–
opened inside out and flying

words bleed into air
voices die surrounded by need

hard to breathe

who listens to our dark and broken hearts?

when the hidden clue
is fluctuating between
sinister truth and the vestiges
of myth

haunted by an inferno of blood
shattered by grief–
why this needless danse macabre?

if you follow fate far away to the return of time
that the passage into prophecy and myth
is final

23 thoughts on “the past is a ghost that never forgets

  1. They are both so enigmatic and ominous! Following fate becomes not just the normal path, it comes with a warning.
    How strange that you got the ring fingers too. For me it’s a symbol of giving in to fate, handing oneself over. That idea works in this context.

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    1. It does. I’ve been having dreams with the same atmosphere. The other night I was awoken from a dream by an (evidently) dream knock on the door. My daughter was sound asleep and the apartment and street were silent. And the dream was gone. I feel like the Oracle was hovering, making sure I didn’t finish it for some reason. The world is very in-between and we are feeling it. Perhaps it’s a warning not to give in, to resist.


      1. That’s strange. Definitely something from inside your imagination reaching into the real world for a reason. Too many dreams like that could be unsettling. Don’t give in to whatever they’re whispering.

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    1. WP is really acting up for me. Colleen also seems to be having a lot of trouble. I can’t comment on lots of posts at all, and it keeps making me log in multiple times even to access my own blog. The “happiness engineers” are taking no responsibility…

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  2. That last stanza is incredibly resonant. The Oracle may not always be clear but she’s found a powerful channel in you. And I love the spectral overlapping hands in the two collages.

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  3. Very dramatic poems, both. I particularly like the image of the starsailor and the sense of dreams as oceanic. It will probably be some time before you discover what the poems mean in regard to your own thoughts. But their expression of enduring and universal emotions is quite powerful.

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    1. I agree that these have dark undertones. I’m not sure that I see the past as either positive or negative. But of course my memory becomes more tangled and blurred with each passing year.

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