Jupiter Dreams

I visited the Oracle as usual early this morning, and her words so much reminded me of the NASA photos of Jupiter I saw recently that I did something I haven’t done in a very long time–I painted a piece of art especially for her words, rather than searching through my archives. It’s still wet, so the colors may change when it dries, and it doesn’t exactly resemble Jupiter, but it’s the spirit more than the exact image that I wanted to capture.

The cosmos is endlessly and unbelievably beautiful, despite the havoc humans may be imposing on our tiny and insignificant blue planet. A little perspective does the psyche good.

born in the blush
between air and breath

like laughter dancing naked
over oceans of ferocious life

the voice of the universe
embraces the holes
in our foolish desires

sailing them open
into a vast sky of magic nights
surrounded by dazzling stars

27 thoughts on “Jupiter Dreams

  1. I feel like Jupiter and our Earth have merged in your words and art. I love the connections and inspiration—NASA, the Oracle, the cosmos. . .It’s funny (or not) that I was just writing about similar types of connections for work writing. 🙂


  2. This watercolor is amazing! And the poem fits so well!! Sparky has been avidly looking up the images from the Webb Space Telescope… Of course he shared some of them with me and your painting does justice to the swirling beauty of the planet!

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  3. Voyager and the latest from Webb are keeping me going. These are both sublime and who’s to say your colors don’t match exactly what another, non-human pair of eyes might see?

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