be the asking

My message this morning from the Oracle. My dream last night included lots of children–laughing, singing, and telling each other stories.

when the universe was young
born from color
and rhythm-kissed voices
singing open with ferocious joy

sacred fools danced into always
flying like cloud ghosts
dazzled with star magic

who lost the way to eternity
the secrets of sailing ocean skies
the heartbreath of how we are?

24 thoughts on “be the asking

  1. By the way, I’m commenting on this from reader not your site. WP let me leave a like and I didn’t have to log in either. It’s a way of getting round the WP gatekeepers, as long as you can find the relevant post in reader.

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    1. That does work for me sometimes. But many people have their blogs set up so you can’t read it all in the reader, so you have to go to the site anyway. I can’t even post on Kblog without totally logging in again. Every time. Annoying.


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