swifts & slows

I have four word collages in the current issue of swifts & slows. In addition to writing, they publish some really interesting combinations of image and text.

You can see my collages, and read the rest of the issue, here. Be advised that the link might not work if you’re using Firefox.

My thanks to editor Randee Silv for featuring my work.

21 thoughts on “swifts & slows

  1. It worked for me in Firefox. They are interesting. It’s a shame they didn’t transcribe the text in your collages. It’s hard to read on a small screen. I like the first one especially, a bit like the innards of a watch or a drain.

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    1. Thanks Jane. I’m glad the link worked. They told me they’ve been having trouble with their site, and Firefox does not work for me.
      I agree about the words. I sent transcriptions along with the art, but they decided not to use them. Anything that’s not black on white in a normal sized normal kind of type needs to be put that way as accompaniment for my old eyes to read anyway.


  2. “There was something silent beyond the unseen/ something still shifting.”

    These sounds are marvelous.

    “Of contradiction the end is known but out of reach
    Now what? One by one the ruins surface at the edges
    Of contradiction”

    I read it first as beginning

    “at the edges of contradiction the end is known
    but out of reach. Now what? One by one the ruins surface
    at the edges of contradiction.”

    It’s a labyrinth, a walking meditation, of words.

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