The Melting of Time

Snowfall.  Night.
The shore is distant.
I dream of
I remain enclosed within
ice blue, glittering.

North seems far–
where I am has no
The landscape
retreats until almost all
is trapped within dreams.

Barren seas
echo with silence.
The world cracks.
Wind weeps in
side chasms of solitude–
the melting of time.

Sherry’s heartbreaking photo, above, that accompanied her prompt at earthweal to talk about the connections between life and the melting ice of the arctic, inspired the dreamscape of my shadorma chain, written also for Colleen’s #TankaTuesday, where Jules selected shadorma as this month’s form.

27 thoughts on “The Melting of Time

  1. Your sad and beautiful words, your gorgeous art, and the polar bear take me straight into that world of blue ice. Absolutely beautiful, Kerfe. Your art and poetry go so perfectly together.

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  2. Shadorma’s aside (and I never count syllables, ever) (nor lines really) your use of bare language, especially in that first piece, I enjoyed very much. The short & one word sentences let vocabulary be powerful. Maybe not the customary way like that, but it really works. Turtle island I call the first image. nice

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