No Harbor

impossible to recall
exactly how it began
within disconnected walls
of days too narrow, thin

exactly how it began–
no entrance, no way out
of days too narrow, thin–
like land-encrusted boats

no entrance, no way out–
unplaced and yet confined
like land-encrusted boats–
this fog inside my mind

unplaced and yet confined,
an echo on repeat–
like fog inside my mind,
these lines that never meet

an echo on repeat
within disconnected walls–
these lines that never meet–
impossible to recall

A pantoum, inspired by the paintings of Lee Madgwick, which were provided by Sarah at dVerse. The pantoum form is for the W3 prompt, where Aditi asks for something dreamlike.

53 thoughts on “No Harbor

    1. It’s interesting how many different interpretations there are of this poem. I like that. It could absolutely reflect the Covid experience as it will be embedded in our consciousness forever I think. And be woven into our dreams as a result.

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  1. This is absolutely splendid, Kerfe! I especially resonate with; “an echo on repeat within disconnected walls.” I love where the prompt took you! 💘💘

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  2. You do all the prompts excellent justice. The dreamlike quality warps and wefts throughout the poem and we see it in the imagery too, a beautiful echo of each other. I love the collage, it’s so gently harmonious.

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  3. Kerfe, when you write pantoums, do you see a bit of a collage in them? like – lines overlapping with different combinations of other lines? if you look on one side of any given line, you see line X, but if you look on the other side of that same line, you see line Y … I feel like this style suits you really, really well, and this poem goes to show that…

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    1. I don’t see how else you would write a pantoum, or any poem really. Everything has to be seen in context with what comes before and after. I do have a fondness for repetition and the way its meaning changes with the context.

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        1. I would counter that all art does that, or should. Like life, it’s all connected. Part of the problem with our way of living right now–like we can survive by cutting ourselves off from anyone/thing else.


      1. You’re welcome! It was lovely to see your name on there 🙂 I was like, hey, I know her! How cool! Obvs, I don’t really know you but it was nice to see a fellow blogger’s work online when you’re just mooching around, you know? 😀

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