My message this morning from the Oracle. I spend a lot of time thinking about the meanings of words.

the language of time
whispers here and there
like a shadow cast by wind

if after could be seen
as clearly as never

but why is like a dream
playing by moonlight
singing on ships of mist

25 thoughts on “placeholders

  1. Do you hear colors? I’m wondering. Stories? Although not the usual kind. I seriously (too serious a word) love these color/images of yours (there should be a name for what-kind they are). With your blessing I’d like to use the second one here for a poem of my own? Please. Don’t know what yet, but I know it’s there. Good words too. Thanks. neil

    Oh, and which came first? pictures or words?

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    1. I usually do the Oracle messages first then look for appropriate art in my archives. Sometimes I’ll make a new image. Other times for other posts (like the doors or birds) I start with an image. I can’t really say how my work occurs, it just does.

      And yes, you can use the image for your poem.


  2. I can certainly understand what you mean by wanting to think about this a lot. What evocative notions. It seems very Zen (as I am reading various books on Zen lately).

    I note how you crop the main artwork and produce other pictures from it. I think that’s such a marvelous way of finding new motifs from inside a picture. Hen and biddies.

    I believe I’ll think about your poem in synchronicity with you. I’m writing this one down and putting it inside one of these Zen books I’m reading where its words can offer commentary on the book’s words.

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    1. I’ve gone in and out of Zen reading for most of my adult life. I know it has influenced both my thinking and writing. And I think the Oracle is a particularly good way to tap into those ideas, because it juxtaposes words and phrases in a way for you to discover them instead of thinking them.
      I’ve always made cropped pictures from the main artwork. It just makes sense to me as a way to both examine and expand the work.

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