to be an observer
is more than a mere o
pening of the eyes–
you must vanish from the sight
of what you see, become
an immersion, a current
consumed by the between,
inside its invisible
core of light

Brendan at earthweal gave us some photos to work with for our poems this week. I chose the photo above, although the other ones are still on my mind.

28 thoughts on “incorporeal

  1. On thing about ekprhasis challenges is the too often poems are comments upon images rather than interesting tangents of light with eclispe their original — immersed, as you say. But then you have the master eye and vocabulary for it!

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  2. “you must vanish from the sight/of what you see..” And how hard that erasure of self can be. We always seem to drag along the baggage of a personal slanted perspective which makes the lens fuzzy. Not so here, where all is illumination. I love the echo of colors repeating in photo and artwork as well–as always, seamless work, K.

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    1. Thanks–it’s such an evocative photo. The natural world is easy to immerse yourself in–the problem is we so seldom take the time to even look at it. Perhaps that’s what the arts do for us–help us to get outside ourselves every once in awhile.


  3. Interesting concept, vanishing from the sight of that which we are viewing. Observer, observed, process of observing! If we dissappear is there any one left to ‘see’? and is it important? Perhaps not seeing and just being is preferable? Food for thought that’s for sure.

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