Poetry Postcard Fest 2022

For POPO 2022 I used postcards with buttons and altered them with text. I sent out the full 31 from my list, plus a few to friends, and received 23 list postcards and 4 from friends. My poems were all in shadorma form, taking clues from the front of the card.

There was a nice assortment of both images and poems. But the best part is making the cards themselves, and each day spontaneously composing a poem for each one, and then putting on the stamp and mailing them.

through lost synapses
thought journeys
into narratives that end
open, unsequenced

you sought 1 special story
and after two years of psychic wandering
the boy said: 3 is my lucky number—what’s yours?

You can read more about the Poetry Postcard Fest, which takes place in August of every year, here. I’ve already signed up for 2023, but you have until July to register. I highly recommend it.

18 thoughts on “Poetry Postcard Fest 2022

  1. Such a delight to see your cards and to read about your process. And your poetry of course. I see mine in there 🙂 Thank you for getting me interested in participating, Kerfe. This year was my 2nd year and I’m also signed up for next year. Maybe we’ll both be on the same list! My series will be posted starting tomorrow.

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  2. This project combines so many joys, how can one resist? If I’m in a good place with my writing I’ll definitely sign up!


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