Trees Ring You With Watchful Silence

Hands pause—you whistle between.  White bridge slips through your fingers.
Who can number the space of days?  To cross them, you must open.
The gate shapes all beginnings, all answers, to equal zero.

This is a black & white image of an ornate pond & garden from the Felt Estate in western Michigan
© Lisa Fox, Felt Mansion

Lisa, at Tao Talk, supplied Colleen’s #TankaTuesday image, above. I wanted to try a sijo, which is the Wombwell Rainbow’s form this week. I think I’ve done one before, but it was a long time ago. I like the way it encourages the writer to think about different aspects of the same thought.

I’ve used some embroidered circles I did for a Kick-About prompt as illustration–the Eames Powers of Ten film, a barrage of images, made me think of zero, Lisa’s photo reminded me also of crossing the circles of space and time.

This week’s Oracle 2 words from Jane gave me a starting point–whistle. Which made me think of whistling in the wind. The human condition. Nevertheless, we continue.

You can read the story of the photo at Tao Talk here.

26 thoughts on “Trees Ring You With Watchful Silence

  1. Circles and time. And the twist at the end. If course, it all leads to zero. The beginning, the end and a sort of perfection.
    I had never tried a sijo, but since it was Paul’s choice, I had a go.


      1. I was intrigued by the design on some ancient American pottery I saw in an article about native American settlements. It was exactly the same as the Neolithic whorl design you find in Europe. Every early civilisation must have used that image.

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  2. I like the simplicity of the circles. Of course I think of the movement of time… Your sijo is stunning. (I’ll work on mine tomorrow). I love this: “The gate shapes all beginnings, all answers, to equal zero…” it makes my accounting brain happy.

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  3. So many dimensions held here. Your embroidered circles seem like the perfect embodiment of time and manifestation from zero. I think of that often when I’m looking at textile art; most media involves creating something from nothing but stitches seem to hold time more tangibly. I pick up a shawl I knitted and see an entire season. I look at these circles and see every minute.

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