rise up

I couldn’t get the Oracle to work online this morning, so I turned to my box of magnetic tiles and arranged them on the metal magnetic poetry stand Nina gave me a few years ago. Wing was the first word to appear.

Last night I attended a Zoom memorial for a friend who died a little over a year ago. It was clear from everyone’s words that she was a shining light for all those she whose lives she intersected with. Certainly she was for me and my children, and for all her many students, some of whom spoke eloquently about her influence on their lives.

I dreamt about her–although I remember no specifics of the dream, I woke with these words on my mind–“Rise up into the truth that matters”. A fitting epitaph, We miss you Chris.

as if whispered
by a child’s dream,
magic gardens came flying–
butterfly-winged roses
inside the mothermoonship
of a songforest night

20 thoughts on “rise up

  1. I’m sorry about the loss of your friend.
    Magic gardens and song. Our poems do compliment each other. The Oracles reaches in many forms.

    The “new” tiles work for me on the Oracle’s site, but I can’t access the classic tiles.

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    1. I didn’t try those. I don’t like them as much, but I’ve used them before.

      Thanks Merril. She was really special. But as many noted, we all carry a bit of her spirit with us.

      I have my magnetic tiles (a conglomeration of sets that were given to me and ones my daughters had) on the side of my filing cabinet and occasionally I move them around. I should photo the ones on there now and do a post one of these days…

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  2. It’s wonderful how often the winged things speak through the Oracle and you. I’m very sorry for your loss; the memorial sounded like a beautiful one. A blithe spirit to be remembered.

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