encircled by orbiting

in this recurring dream
the forest disappears–
unbound by earthly time,
collapsed into spiraling

the forest disappears
behind layers of eternity,
collapsed into spiraling–
who can disentangle the dark?

behind layers of eternity,
casting threads into moonrings–
who can disentangle the dark?–
the shadows seem insufficient–

casting threads into moonrings
to catch the reflection of owl–
the shadows seem insufficient
for gathering the ancestors–

to catch the reflection of owl,
take your fears and hide them–
gather the ancestors
in the bottomless wildness of light–

take your fears and hide them–
unbounded by earthly time–
in the bottomless wildness that lights
this recurring dream

For earthweal, where Brendan asks us to visit the forest of light and shadow. I am certain one will always find an owl there.

34 thoughts on “encircled by orbiting

  1. That’s an inspiring take on the prompt. Owls and creatures of the night would definitely inhabit the forest of light and shadow. Love your art work too. BTW – I’m really loving the October painting in the calendar you sent me. 🙂

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  2. You are really making me want to revisit the pantoum. This one builds beautifully line by line on itself–and the artwork is dazzling without obscuring the message–only enhancing it. The forest is the dream, the dream the forest; like a shifting cinematic, the cycling between within and without obscures and illuminates bit by bit–I especially love the way this gathers momentum image by image to the final exquisite stanzas.

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