The Oracle was insistent on the Mother this morning. I immediately thought of the high priestess.

Those stilled sleeping seas haunt.

goddess mother tongue is in my head
watching blood run from the moon

why this delirious dream?
I ask the whispering mist

blue ships sing
beneath stilled sleeping seas

22 thoughts on “fraught

    1. I was not thinking of the whales when I was writing it, but when I was looking for images, the whale seemed exactly right, and I understood better what She was saying.


  1. Kerfe I love the watercolor whale and the lines that seem to point to it! I want to thank you for inspiration. I finished my little playing card collages and I’ve been asked to have a show combining them and my ceramics!

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  2. By chance I’m taking a tarot course in which we’re talking about the High Priestess this week. Your thoughts and art will be on my mind! Also I thought you’d be interested to know that a week after we were talking about that Rachel Pollack book, it showed up on the sale table at my community pharmacy… and now the instructor of this course turns out to refer to it frequently, so it’s all in the cards 🙂

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