misdirection, or:  the politics of suicide

listing waves of change–
immense confused unwell–
a bitter solitude–
fretful shapeless still

wilderness estranged–
damaged undazzled quelled
reversed and left unmoored–
a landscape murdered killed

misunderstood deranged
hypnotic words cast spells–
a whispered mania–
the mind unravels, spills

connection broken frayed–
once Paradise, now Hell

Bjorn at dVerse gave us the challenge of writing a bref double poem. I had a lot of trouble with the rhythm of this form, a dissatisfaction that I could only resolve by making the b and c rhymes similar.

Like Punam, I looked to Jane’s Oracle 2 words for inspiration and received a similar message.

28 thoughts on “misdirection, or:  the politics of suicide

  1. Shades of Blake in bref double, which if possible, you’ve made so, and also a “frayed” ensō, especially illustrative by your art. Both yield a disconcerting unrest, brilliantly expressed. I think you’ve used this form to great effect, making it organic to your content, K.

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  2. A tinge of e.e. cummings, a dash of Kafka, sporting the brass balls of Bukowski. Your “confusion” seemed to steer you into refrains between the lines, plus the sarcasm of Mark Twain. Nice job. Creative rocking of the prompt.

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  3. It’s interesting that you said that you had difficulty with the rhythm, Kerfe… I also felt like it sounded “off” to me (I mean my own poem, not yours), but then, after I published it, I reread it later, and it sounded oddly better to me…

    Yours is lovely, I think.


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  4. You conveyed the feeling of unrest, confusion and the madness of it all so well! I liked the second stanza the most. Brilliant post, Kerfe…from the title to the video and all in between.
    Thanks so much for the mention.

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  5. This was definitely a challenge but you met it perfectly. Like descending down a rope into a maelstrom. The line that pulls most at me is ‘wilderness estranged’. There is a seed of self-destruction in turning so inward that even nature can’t penetrate.

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    1. Thanks Sun. I did that original black mandala after Chris Cornell’s suicide. What we do to each other, ourselves, and our environment is so dark now–it’s no wonder so many lose hope. It’s frightening.

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