my mind ebbs, then flows out like an ocean sailing the wind–
empty channels drift away from the center to the edge–
multitudes of changing colour, condensed motion, thoughts full

I was going to write a sestina with Jane’s Oracle 2 words and I picked out six that called to me: ocean, colour, wind, edge, motion, full. But after writing the first stanza, it seemed too daunting, so I revised it into a sijo instead.

When looking in the archives for art, I immediately picked out the first painted mandala, but when I saw the collage I knew I had to include it too. It’s based on a painting by Nina’s father that she posted; you can read about it here. Nina has written several times about her father’s service in WWII and this is in honor of all our fathers and mothers and friends and relatives who fought and fight in the world’s continuous wars on this Veteran’s Day 2022. May we wake up and bring the need for them to an end.

21 thoughts on “meditation

  1. I’ll have to try a sijo again. I do like ‘an ocean sailing the wind’.
    WP won’t let me like this post and I’m having to log in to post this comment. That’s new. Yours was one of the few blogs I didn’t need to show ID for.

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    1. Thanks Jane.
      I’ve been having to log in to comment for months, but recently it’s improved a bit. WP happiness engineers first denied there was a problem, now they are “working on it” I’ve also been having trouble writing posts. But the entire internet seems somewhat funky at the moment.


        1. It’s never said I’m someone else, it just doesn’t recognize me at all until I log in again. It’s annoying to have to do it every time you want to comment. And for awhile I couldn’t post from Kblog at all, I had to go roundabout from Memadtwo. That, at least, seems to have been cleared up.


          1. For some blogs I can comment if I stay in the reader which is fine if I’m just trawling the reader for blogs I follow. It’s no help when I want to respond to a particular post. I don’t understand why my profile doesn’t have an email addresses in it anymore, so I can’t even check that WP has registered the right one. That roundabout way of cheating the gremlins is a real pain.

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