ancient voices

Goddess was the first word that the Oracle gave me this morning. The collage above is a very old one I named “sha/wo/man”–it’s a stitched collage. I did a few of them about 10 years ago. I don’t know where the original is, but I recently found a photo of it in my files.

I found Ishtar in my files also–a message from the Collage Box Oracle in 2019 with a very similar theme.

I am listening for
the language of the goddess–
dishonored and swept away
by linear time

nightwings remember when
our motherworld was a sacred song,
a home for voices belonging
to the spirits of stars

if only we could soar
the daysky on our dreams

25 thoughts on “ancient voices

  1. This is lovely and in that enigmatic voice of the Oracle. Both you and Merril had birds and wings today. The cadralor is always disjointed but I had the mother, language, and a cormorant which I suppose counts as a bird!

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  2. We can bring them back. Envision enough and it shall be so. At our Clan Mothers meeting on Tuesday we were talking about just this. Our divine feminine goddess culture has been “dishonored and swept away / by linear time” but we can curl that line into a circle and into the “daysky again”. I love the Oracle speaking this truth to you and to the Clan Mothers.

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  3. I share the Oracle’s and your wistfulness… I believe more of us are learning to speak that language again, and love doing my part for the revitalization efforts.


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