shivering the mirror

and what if
you grew roots,
awakened spirit,
became treebound–
your blood flowing
glorious amidst sapwood–
your body suddenly
magnificent, unhewn—
your arms branching
toward the sun,
Familiar to birds,
ancient, floating
on the breath of wings–
your heartwood
trembling, weightless,
awash in light?

A quadrille for dVerse, where De has given us the word wing, and for earthweal, where Sherry has asked us to speak for the trees. I’ve also used Jane’s Oracle 2 words as inspiration.

65 thoughts on “shivering the mirror

  1. An inspired prompt combination, Kerfe! The title, artwork, mythological story and quadrille complement each other so well. I would be happy to become a tree to experience my ‘heartwood / trembling, weightless, / awash in light’.

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  2. This is gorgeous writing as is the artwork. Once I was on a retreat and we had to visualize becoming a tree. It was an amazing exercise growing branches “awash in light” as you wonderfully phrased it.

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