bombs are cold
explosions of bitterness
sucking the warmth
out of what remains
of possibility

bombs are greedy
machines, meant only
to destroy, burn
any seeds, annihilate

bombs are hungry
voracious conduits
for our worst impulses
eating our souls
from the inside out

A quadrille for dVerse, where Lisa has given us the word warm. In 2014 I did a series called “What Is It Good For?” on memadtwo. There were, as always, many conflicts in the news. Hearing this song from Buddy and Julie Miller this morning, it reminded me of the art from those posts.

It also made me think again of how cold this winter will be for the Ukrainians and so many others the world over. How short our attention span. How little we have learned.

What IS it good for–the guns, the bombs, the dying? We know the answer.

39 thoughts on “frozen

  1. So decades past I recall the controversy whether insanity was a valid defense for murder. How backwards I thought. Of course, by definition an act of violence/murder is insane. No question. Consequence is about something else.

    Don’t know that I’d relate that first image to bombs/conflict (too alive), but volcanic, yea maybe that and for Hawaii these days. Nice.

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  2. Kerfe, in the upper right corner of your art, my eyes were drawn to what looks like a rabid rat rearing up to attack. Reena’s poem feels linked to your poem in that it feels like a terminus to a cycle. The warfare that has been going on for what is probably eons needs to end and I pray we are there! Never heard that song before. I thought it was going to be a cover of Jethro Tull’s song:

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  3. “explosions of bitterness
    sucking the warmth
    out of what remains
    of possibility”

    It felt like we were all getting somewhere, previously. Then a few had to throw wrenches into the machinations. It’s so disappointingly tragic. Your poem captures the essence of this grief.


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