flower of november

you fling
the blooms, graceful–
hands filled with abundance,
harvest untroubled by
time’s immanent

the cost
of seeds waxing–
each life encircled by
its opposite—how all
language breaks in
to tears—

but dance!–
the seasons are
not closed—the same sun that
sets early now will grow,
expand, greet sky

in tangible
contrast to our useless
attempts to resist, turn
back clocks, challenge
the tides

My response to Merril’s autumn ekphrastic prompt at dVerse. I chose the above image, Child Dancing With Chrysanthemum Branch. Chrysanthemums are the birth flower of November, symbolizing both long life and mourning or grief. I’ve used Jane’s Oracle 2 words as inspiration.

I did not realize until after I wrote the poem and was searching for appropriate images how well it fit this response to Nick Cave’s soundsuits that I did for a recent Kick-About prompt.

The soundsuits created by Nick Cave, the artist, are totally different than the songs created by Nick Cave, the musician.

38 thoughts on “flower of november

    1. Thanks Merril. I didn’t know anything about chrysanthemums before, except that I see them everywhere this time of year. Their many contradictory associations makes them perfect for November and thinking about time.

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    1. Thanks Jane. The second one is my favorite too. I wonder if the opposites of the flower’s associations are the reason it’s associated with November. That’s what started my chain of thought, and the words fit well into where it went.


      1. There are lots of contrasts in those few words. When I see ‘seeds waxed’I can’t help but think of the film of poison the big seed companies put on some seed to kill hungry birds. The growing of plant life on an industrial scale is fraught with inconsistencies.

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  1. I really liked this kerfe, liked the shape of the poem, and like the way it addressed the image, and thought your choice of music was excellent. I always like your collages and these were wonderful.

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