multitudes of changing colour, condensed motion, thoughts full

we can hear the universe sing
on the edge of time–
from nothing, vast light

reflections of change and reprise
spilling from our eyes

a map
sweeping life away–
mountain water green

what was not, now is–
what holds the earth’s hand
as being collides?

from the inside out,
like the tides,
become somewhere else

Laura at dVerse asked us to use the last lines of our recent poems to construct a new poem of at least 12 lines. I went through all my poems both here and on memadtwo from November 1 until now, only adding one word, like, with the tides. The title is from the last line of a sijo, hence its length, as opposed to my normal preference for short lines.

33 thoughts on “multitudes of changing colour, condensed motion, thoughts full

  1. If ever a poem were “found,” Kerfe, this one certainly is! Each image/line naturally coheres, elements of the universe combining to their own internal music, and the art is just icing on the cake! Loved this. ❤️

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