of a winter’s night

the path vanishes
inside crystals—spiraled, wind
swept, alabastered

in eerie silence
stars dazzle indigo night–
sky patterns limn moon

silhouettes transform,
reconfigure the landscape–
trees close in, bow down

alone, I open
myself as if I could be
lifted by the light

I find myself in pieces–
creatured and held by branched wings

Brendan at earthweal provided a series of December images as inspiration this week. I chose the image above, which was perfect for a watercolor interpretation.

I had been struggling with my poem when I saw The Wombell Rainbow’s poetic form challenge this week. The haiku sonnet proved to be just the structure that I needed to clarify my words.

No snow here yet, just another dreary December rainy day.

21 thoughts on “of a winter’s night

  1. Wow, this is so beautiful. I love “alabastered”, the “indigo night”, and, especially “creatured and held by branched wings.” Perfect. I had not heard of this form, but you executed it wonderfully.


  2. I’ve just been writing one of these too, about winter. Yours is much more in the sonnet style, abstract ideas rather than simply images. You do do this kind of thing so well. Your journeys are cosmic, and I’d really love to follow where you go. That envoi is brilliant.

    Just a thought, but don’t you need four haiku stanzas? ‘Need’ for the form, not for the poem.


  3. Oh! I think your haiku sonnet is amazing!! I’ve been playing around with one but it just hasn’t happened for me. Your effort is inspiring. And of course the art seems to have been made more relevant by the words or maybe the other way around – a symbiosis for sure!

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