all before us

The Oracle made me work a bit today. She did make me think of this little book I’ve been making from a catalog I received in the mail. You can make poetry from anything, even blurbs written to sell you things.

if we
listened as if
we could remember the
voices of angels in
side trees of stars–
what then?

would we
hear the heart of
the universe open
our breath, awakening
the foolchild to

I’m going to be taking a bit of a break until the end of the year as I have piles of things I need to attend to. I’ll try to visit the Oracle as usual though.

26 thoughts on “all before us

  1. I love that these wasteful things find a more useful life in art, one day or another. I hope you and the Oracle have a satisfying, restful break, Kerfe!

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      1. The other morning I woke up and looked to my right, where the window is. Outside the window is a tall, thick, arbor vitae. Even with the tree and the blinds, supposed to be closed, somehow the full moon was able to be seen. I never seen the moon from that window yet there it was.

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  2. This is lovely–would we?

    The Oracle made me work, too–with a similar message–so that’s obviously what she wanted to get across.

    Enjoy your break and happy holidays! 💙 ( I have piles to do, too. I think I’ll be doing a lot of catch-up the end of December.)

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  3. I bet the writers of that catalogue never imagined their words could be re-ordered into such deep questions. So ironical that you have changed their questions of how many and how much, to the ifs and if onlys of the way the universe works.

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  4. I bet you’re using this well deserved break to it’s fullest Kerfe! Love and seasonal greetings to you and yours, may 2023 bring good health and more creativity 🙂


  5. “If we” … yes, I think we would! Time to listen more. I’ll try to pay the universe more heed. Hope that you have a lovely holiday. And may the piles of things needing attention be manageable!


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