the turning of the year

I visited the Oracle the last two Saturdays as well, but just printed them out and put them aside. After I printed out today’s message I looked at the other two, and was surprised (although I shouldn’t have been) that they overlapped and repeated themselves.

Because of the word “fiddle”, which always reminds me of Chagall, I looked for the collage I had done long ago for one of Jane’s prompts with a Chagall painting. Although it doesn’t have a fiddle, it has the moon, and fits well with the day, New Year’s Eve.

Here’s the moon yesterday, afternoon over Central Park, and at night out my window.

It’s always a good time make some art with the birdlings.

12/17 the secret between if and why 

behold deeply

the spirit of the wind
a riverpath of everafter

who you are inside

the ancient wild world
with birdsong and treelight

12/24 windswept

amid oceans
of life born from this
sailing skies
of color–remembering
how always just is

12/31 the turning of the year

beneath dream fiddles whisper
the cries of shadows–
a blue language of faraway
moonships, swimming through watermusic
that we can almost recall

sing with the wind
and be who you are

24 thoughts on “the turning of the year

  1. Yay, you’re back! Yours do all go together, and today’s fits with mine and Jane’s.
    Surprisingly, I did not get fiddle this time. It also makes me think of Chagall and Fiddler and my ancestors.
    Happy New Year, Kerfe!


  2. Wonderful art to illustrate the messages from the Oracle. I love the mysteriousness and resonance of this: “moonships, swimming through watermusic / that we can almost recall”


  3. Happy New Year! As a violin player (who aspires to play better) I’m doubly primed to love that part of the message, but all of this is wonderful (plus bonus birdlings!) It’s a Chariot year, in Tarot, but I think the moon is my ideal conveyance.

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    1. The Chariot is following me into 2023. Now I really must do that collage instead of just thinking about it…
      I loved your block print card! Another thing I mean to do, some printing.
      As to the moon…it will always be ebbing and flowing in my life.
      Happy New Year!

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