“Away, come away:
Empty your heart of its mortal dream.”
–W.B. Yeats

I circled around with the Oracle this morning, rearranging the words, paring them down, but ending up with the same message I began with. When looking for images, I thought right away of the birdlings, and these collages I did for one of Jane’s Yeats prompts way back in 2017 seemed to fit perfectly, along with the quote from Yeats.

I’m trying very hard to ignore how our government is selling its soul for the trappings of power. How long until we listen to the universe, and remember who we should be?

to belong to blue
open sky music
into wingspirit

full of soundlight
listen together
with the universe

as every voice
remembers its song
and soars

31 thoughts on “wingspirit

  1. I like your words. I like your images. In response to your question, how long? A lifetime. But theirs or mine, I’m unsure. For now I’m rooting for the lions to sort it out. Me thinks heaven is right here. Shame on them for keeping eyes closed.

    “Soundlight”, I love this word. Can’t happen in space. Can only happen in spirit. Beautiful. Too much to elaborate, but much here seems of late swirling all about in my attention. Alignment can be comforting.

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  2. Wing spirit and soundlight–how glorious!
    Your last stanza and one of my lines are very similar. I was getting lots of “messages” from the Oracle today–lots of phrases–but hard to put it all together.

    I’m feeling scared about what’s to come now that the extremists are in control in the House (and Supreme Court).

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  3. Poems with color words are interesting because the color word has an integer element. You cannot describe blue, you just see it when looking at blue colored things. But then, of course, there are many different colors all called “blue.” How one evokes in language all the visual things is a question that I find intriguing — as an artist who once majored in English. There are the other languages, their words for blue available as well, some of which creep into English in different ways — like azure or cerulean.

    As to the government, citizens need to learn how to listen to the people they disagree with. That’s how you find harmony in a society composed of many people with different points of view. Whether the government is anymore representative of citizens, I don’t know. I have been more and more focused on my local life. I don’t find conflict in my neighborhood. The more I focus attention on the people I meet, regardless of their political views, the more harmonious I find social life to be. The whole of life is very large.

    I took so many more words to comment on your poem than the poem has! You could write 20 poems from a passage of this length. You get to the clean, crisp idea in your poetry.

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    1. Well of course I was thinking of McCarthy. But the majority of the Republican Party has no goal except power, and they will say or do anything in pursuit. There is always some of it in politics, but not to the extent it exists now. Republican Jesus as the meme goes.

      From here it looks like Netanyahu has done that as well. But you would know better than I.

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    1. Thanks Jade.
      He has no power–the power resides with the lunatics now. Hopefully that just means nothing (Republican) will be accomplished. But it could cause a lot of chaos–which is their only agenda as far as I can see.

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    1. Thanks Muri. The Oracle seems to bring the birdlings to my mind often.
      I wonder if these people even have an agenda beyond calling attention to themselves. They certainly have no policy propositions designed to solve the nation’s problems, good or bad.


  4. The poem, and the full sequence of the collage, is magic. If only it was enough to reach the minds who need to break free of those old, myopic perspectives. Sometimes I subscribe to the belief that creativity is a force and the right amount of art can tip the balance, but those days are a struggle to come by.

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