Remembering 2022

This house has
it wanted mountains,
morning songs, shadows,
happy screams.

We are all sailing
another grey sky,
clinging to tattered
margins.  Move, expand–
you can hear the universe–

Sing.  Ask the wind
if the moon cried
when the universe was young.

Laura at dVerse asked us to take the first lines of the first poems we published each month in 2022 and make a new poem. Three of mine were haibuns, so I used the first line of the haiku part. I’ve also included art from some of those posts. If it sounds Oracle-like, several of the poems were from that source. She always bleeds into the rest of my writing as well.

45 thoughts on “Remembering 2022

  1. This is great Kerfe! My former keyboardist, rest his soul, could have put a music bed to this and it would’ve made a wonderful song. Well constructed my friend.

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    1. Thanks Rob. In my extreme youth I wrote words for my boyfriend’s band–they were good with music, but mystified when it came to lyrics. I wish I had some of those songs, but they have disappeared into the distant past.


  2. oh gosh. I didn’t first realize you were listing 12 months worth. Would be less intimidating (do I hope, but that would be wrong of me) they’re not all so stunning as the first. This gonna take me some while! (truth tho… a not painful task)

    And that sunrise image, simply global to witness!

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    1. Thanks Neil. I just included the links to all the poems because the prompt requested it…no need to read them all! That photo was a composite of several I took–they merged together well.


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