in the midst

My message this morning from the Oracle. I woke once again to clouds, but the sun is shining now.

spring winters
deep beneath the riverpath–
a dark season
thicker than dusk

did you fall moonwandering
into the long night?

or were you too bird-rooted
and windwild to see?  that
earth also breathes light–
full of treesong, growing in-between

The art is from NaPoWriMo 2018, when all my accompanying artwork was inspired by painter Joan Mitchell. I haven’t thought that far ahead this year; this April, I’ll just be visiting the archives for art I think.

18 thoughts on “in the midst

    1. Thanks Jane. I definitely feel your images, and they do connect with what the Oracle gave me as well. As Merril said, we’re all reflecting different parts of one dream.


  1. Moonwandering, “too bird-rooted
    and windwild to see?”

    Beautiful phrases and art. I like the stitching.

    I had your tree and song.

    Once again, yours, mine, and Jane’s are different pieces of a whole.

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    1. Thanks Merril.
      Bird-rooted was the first phrase she gave me. It took awhile to connect it with the rest. But I agree–the same dream from different angles.
      My art was much more focused in 2018. I’ve been wandering somewhat aimlessly with it for awhile

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